WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics is an issue-by-issue exploration of the 1990s comic book industry through the pages of Wizard magazine. On each bi-weekly episode, hosts Adam, Michael, & Steven break down the hype and collector's mentality of the era through segments comparing comic book prices then and now, superhero movie news, action figures, trading cards and reviewing the inside of all those comics with the shiny covers. It's a trip back to an exciting time to be comics fan you won't want to miss.

Also, don't miss bonus episodes of WIZARDS including the bi-weekly half episodes, Wizard Files interviews with former Wizard staff members, tribute topics, and '90s Super Cinema movie reviews.

New episodes debut every Wednesday around 3pm EST / Noon PST.

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WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics | Jim Lee Tribute Special

In 1996, Wizard published the Jim Lee Tribute Edition Special magazine, celebrating the highest selling and most influential artist in comics of the 90's. We assembled...

The WIZARD Files | Episode 35: Jeff Mariotte

Prolific author, comic book writer and former VP of Marketing at Wildstorm gives us a behind the scenes look at his work with Jim Lee during the boom period of 90's co...

WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics | Episode 67.5

Your hosts discuss a live action Legion of Super-Heroes movie Casting Call from Wizard 67, explore The Skinny reviews of Green Lantern & Untold Tales of Spider-Man com...

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