WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics is an issue-by-issue exploration of the 1990s comic book industry through the pages of Wizard magazine. On each episode, hosts Adam & Michael break down the hype and collector's mentality of the era by exploring the comic book news, superhero movie rumors, action figures and stories inside those shiny, chromium covers. It's a trip back to the most exciting time of comics fandom that you won't want to miss.

That's not all, you'll also get WIZARDS 1/2 mini-episodes, The Wizard Files interviews with former Wizard staff members, Bonus Specials covering Wizard spin-off magazines like ToyFare and so much more.

New episodes debut every Wednesday around 10am EST / 8am PST.

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Spider-Man Special '98

Mike and Adam swing into action to talk about the AMAZING Wizard Spider-Man Special from 1998 with a SPECTACULAR guest, Mike's Dad! Joe Schwartz has been reading and c...

WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics | Episode 90.5

Mike & Adam bring you an awesome 1/2 episode as we announce our truce with Rob Liefeld, discuss a Titans movie Casting Call, debate a Last Man Standing battle between ...

UNLOCKED! 90's Super Cinema: Batman & Robin (1997)

An episode of our Patreon Exclusive 90's Super Cinema podcast has been UNLOCKED! This was a historic event, as it was the first time all 4 WIZARDS co-hosts (past and p...

WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics | Episode 90

In this issue we explore why Marvel couldn't keep writers on the X-books, get freaked out by a Q&A with Warren Ellis, explore the lost Alex Ross ideas for a Kingdom Co...

WIZARDS The Podcast Guide To Comics | Episode 89.5

We continue our coverage of the massive year-end Wizard issue as William Bruce West returns to discuss Batman: No Man's Land and we discuss a Battle Chasers Casting Ca...

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